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Classic SF - Nob Hill Gazette, November 2017

Inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Mousetrap’
Kendra Boutell
November 03 2017

The Italian menswear brand Isaia, now occupies Frank Lloyd Wright's only San Francisco address, 140 Maiden Lane which was an early model for The Guggenheim, -Quoted within is Epoca's owner, Eric Petsinger 

In 1948, Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned a radical design for San Francisco’s V. C. Morris Gift Shop. Located at 140 Maiden Lane, the finished building’s two-story tan brick façade featured a single fenestration. Nearby, Union Square’s storefronts showcased expansive plate glass windows.  The architect described his asymmetrical Romanesque arched entry as a “mousetrap.”  Beyond the portal, a narrow barrel-vaulted corridor revealed the shop’s circular interior. 

An antique dealer and mid-century aficionado, Eric Petsinger, owns two of the label’s made-to-measure suits. “Having an Isaia suit is like having a tattoo—you always go back for more,” he explains. “After my first suit, I was hooked. In Naples, there’s a song titled ‘anema e core,’ or ‘heart and soul.’” “How fitting,” he muses, “for Isaia’s timeless fashions to find a home in a Frank Lloyd Wright building built with heart and soul.”