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British Holiday Combination: Gin And Dubonnet, Queen Elizabeth II's Morning Cocktail Of Choice and a 1930's English Art Deco Demilune Bar

A Very British Holiday Combination: Queen Elizabeth's Morning Dubonnet Cocktail and an English Art Deco Demilune Bar!

As they say: "It's five o'clock somewhere!"

First, A Finely Matchbook Veneered English Art Deco Black Walnut Demilune Bar With 4 Tambour Doors And Etched Mirrored Interior 1930's. The top half fitted with tambour doors opening to reveal a mirrored interior with glass shelf; resting on a larger conforming base with similar doors; all in all in a well-figured bookmatch veneer; age to mirror. height: 54 1/4" width: 43 1/4" depth: 14 1/2"  

And we have just the right drink to go with this proper English piece: Gin And Dubonnet, Queen Elizabeth II's Morning Cocktail Of Choice!

Gin and Dubonnet cocktails began to rise in popularity in the 1900s, with Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother having been quite a high-profile fan of the drink. Like mother like daughter, Queen Elizabeth II also reportedly has a gin and Dubonnet each day before lunch. 

A polished & posh pairing that is certain to impress as you festively slide open the lovely tambor doors for the Royal Reveal!  

How To Make Gin And Dubonnet, Queen Elizabeth II's Morning Cocktail Of Choice : ABC reports that her majesty’s recipe calls for two parts Dubonnet Rouge and one part Gordon’s gin, stirred and strained into a glass, followed by a slice of lemon and exactly two cubes of ice. 
Uh, yum!

Main Ingredients: Dubonnet Rouge, Gordon's gin, lemon.
2 parts Dubonnet Rouge
1 part Gordon's Gin
1 slice Lemon
2 ice cubes, plus more for shaker

Fill a bar shaker with ice, add ingredients, stir and strain into cocktail glass. Top with lemon wedge and two ice cubes. Enjoy!

Good Morning America Hosts, Robin Roberts and Barbara Walters, sample the Royal Cocktail during coverage of  William and Catherine's Royal Wedding in April of 2011.