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Acrylic on Wood Panel: Morph - Black, Orange on Maroon; Signed and Dated on Verso




Bill Bloomfield engages the intersecting qualities between art and architecture through vibrant, hard-edge paintings inspired by the effect of light. Bill has a Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech. As part of his thesis he studied color and form through silk screen printing and continues this exploration today through his paintings. 


I like reflected light. As with architecture, painting is activated by light. I paint on highly sanded and primed wood panels. Their smooth, hard surfaces aid in reflecting light. I use combinations of matte and gloss acrylic paint to create a tension with light reflecting and absorbing between colorful forms. Pigment reacting to light. The majority of my paintings are square. I use the resisting forces of the four sides of the painting as a catalyst for composition and color relationships. These forces are an energy which can be stronger or weaker depending upon the resonance within the painting. This resonance between the color and form creates a sense of depth, and the edges of the painting act as a boundary which contains or recedes.Space, light, color, and form. My paintings explore these fundamental elements which are essential in both painting and architecture.