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Milos 2006 no. 12 - Watercolor By William Stanisich, San Francisco presented by epoca.

Milos 2006 #12 - watercolor by William Stanisich, San Francisco; signed and framed

dated 2006

Milos Series – watercolor on paper 2000-2013; A series inspired by the legendary Greek Island, Milos, with a ‘kaleidoscope of minerals, colors and water caves’.  San Francisco painter, William Stanisich, captures the sheer beauty of this island in these paintings and as the artist stated “I have allowed my imagination the freedom to create a realism more accurate than mere mimicry”. William Stanisich born in 1947 in Cheyenne, Wyoming and raised in San Francisco, received his BA from Yale College (1969), attended courses at the San Francisco Art Institute (1964-5 and 1970), taught painting at the Urban School of San Francisco (1972-2001) and currently is a full-time painter here in San Francisco.  His paintings have been seen in solo and group exhibitions such as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery; Galerie Beckel-Odille-Boicos, Paris;  San Francisco Conservatory of Music/Chamber Music West; and were featured in the film American Gigolo, Paramount Pictures (1979), besides being in private and public collections here and abroad. A collection of William’s paintings can also be seen at the Andra Norris Gallery in Burlingame, CA.